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Chiropractic Care in Fort Myers, FL

The Impulse IQ is an adjusting instrument. It is a low impact technique designed to gently thrust, yet move faster than your muscle’s tendency to tighten and resist the adjustment. With this high-tech computerized instrument, it measures how the spine is moving to provide the right amount of care. The Impulse IQ adjusting system was derived from research, allowing a more comfortable and effective adjustment.   The Impulse IQ instrument uses a microprocessor embedded in the...

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Laser therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free option for individuals suffering from both acute and chronic pain.

What is Laser Therapy Treatment?  Laser Therapy is a medical treatment that uses focused light to stimulate a process within the cell called photobiomodulation (PBM).  During PBM, the light interaction triggers a biological cascade of events that leads to an increase i cellular metabolism, which can decrease pain and inflammation and accelerate the healing process.  This treatment is FDA cleared and enables patient to have an alternative to drug and surgery for pain...

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CPEP (Certified Posture Exercise Professional)

Catch yourself slouching while on the computer? Maybe while you're doing chores around the house, and you notice your back aches, or you feel stiff. Poor posture can lead to these aches. As a CPEP, Dr. Teachout will use the exercise protocols designed to strengthen your posture by working individually on each of the elements of posture: Balance, Alignment, and Motion. Improving your posture has been shown to help relieve pain and joint stress. Improve balance, also helping to reduce your risk...

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Custom Orthotics from Teachout Chiropractic

It might not be something that often comes to mind, but your foot is a fairly complex limb. If asked to name the parts of a foot, many people would be able name the toes, the ball of the foot, and the heel. Some of them would remember to mention the arch of the foot, too. But did you know that your foot actually has three arches? It’s true! Your foot has two longitudinal arches (the lateral and medial) and an anterior transverse arch. These arches are supported by tendons and ligaments...

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Improve Your Posture with StrongPosture

Posture exercises help to strengthen your posture and balance, and can reduce the risk of recurrent flare ups, help to prevent injuries, and help to keep your body moving well. Poor posture stresses muscles and joints, which cause pain and health issues. Posture is how you balance your body, though you may feel that you are standing or sitting straight, looking in a mirror will show you are not. This is due to our bodies adapting to stresses and change, in turn causing pain. When you are in...

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