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Chiropractic Care in Fort Myers, FL

 Impulse IQ The Impulse IQ is an adjusting instrument. It is a low impact technique designed to gently thrust, yet move faster than your muscle’s tendency to tighten and resist the adjustment. With this high-tech computerized instrument, it measures how the spine is moving to provide the right amount of care. The Impulse IQ adjusting system was derived from research, allowing a more comfortable and effective adjustment.   The Impulse IQ instrument uses a microprocessor...

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ITG Weight Loss Program from Teachout Chiropractic

ITG will show you... How to Lose Weight How to Eat Right How to Get Healthy How to Gain Confidence How to Feel Better How to maintain your new-found weight It's all about science! The ITG Diet Protocol is an easy to follow, 3-step fat loss protocol designed to get you into a state of ketosis quickly and efficiently. This isn't just another yo-yo diet with no end in sight, we provide you with the necessary tools and education to help you lose your unwanted fat, and maintain your new weight...

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Massage Therapy in Fort Myers, FL

NOTICE - WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A MASSAGE THERAPIST - NOTICE There are many different techniques of Massage with health benefits to each of them. You can get relief from sore muscles, help in healing injuries, certain health conditions, and even to promote overall wellness. Before deciding which massage style is best for you, you need to ask yourself, “What am i looking to accomplish with my massage, stress relief, basic relaxation, just getting the knots out, injury recovery, or...

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Body Composition Analysis

Body fitness and overall health might be one of the most discussed and debated topics in today’s society. In fact, there might be more interest in the topic today than ever before. This is perhaps evidenced by the vast array of “healthy lifestyle” guides on a variety of diet and exercise routines that have popped up online in recent years. If you are interested in ensuring that your body is as healthy as it could – or should – be, don’t approach the...

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Custom Orthotics from Teachout Chiropractic

It might not be something that often comes to mind, but your foot is a fairly complex limb. If asked to name the parts of a foot, many people would be able name the toes, the ball of the foot, and the heel. Some of them would remember to mention the arch of the foot, too. But did you know that your foot actually has three arches? It’s true! Your foot has two longitudinal arches (the lateral and medial) and an anterior transverse arch. These arches are supported by tendons and ligaments...

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