Custom Orthotics from Teachout Chiropractic

It might not be something that often comes to mind, but your foot is a fairly complex limb. If asked to name the parts of a foot, many people would be able name the toes, the ball of the foot, and the heel. Some of them would remember to mention the arch of the foot, too. But did you know that your foot actually has three arches? It’s true! Your foot has two longitudinal arches (the lateral and medial) and an anterior transverse arch. These arches are supported by tendons and ligaments in the foot and are formed by the metatarsal and tarsal bones.


All of that sounds a bit confusing, right? That’s okay – the foot is a rather complicated vital limb. This is why it is important to pay attention to yours and address any pain that you might experience as quickly as possible. The feet are the foundation for the spine, and we all know that without a good foundation nothing else matters.  If you are experiencing foot, lower back pain, or even headaches custom orthotics might be part of the answer.

What are orthotics?


Also known as shoe inserts, orthoses, or orthotic insoles, orthotics are devices that you place inside of your shoes. Their purpose is to help restore natural balance and function to your feet. And while it might seem like an unnecessary investment, it is important to understand the kinds of pain that an overcompensating foot can cause.


As we age, the biomechanical balance of our feet and lower body can become disrupted by the over-pronation of your foot. Over-pronation is often referred to as having a “flat foot”. The arches of the foot no longer function the way they should, and so more of your foot is flat against the floor than what is natural and healthy. When this happens, it can throw off the entire balance of your lower body. This, in turn, leads to issues like lower back pain, knee pain, and heel pain. Orthotics can help.


What are custom orthotics?


Because so many people end up needing some extra support for their feet, orthotics are rather common. You can find them in a variety of convenience stores, for example, created by a number of different manufacturers. With that said, do you remember what I mentioned above about your foot being complex and having three arches?


Because your feet are so unique and complicated, it makes sense that you would need to have something specially created for them. Custom orthotics, then, are orthotics that are created specifically for your foot. They still go into your shoes to help “level” your feet, but they do so with extreme accuracy and increased comfort.


What are the benefits of custom orthotics?


As briefly mentioned above, custom orthotics are created for your individual feet. That means that they support all three of the arches in your feet as opposed to drugstore, mass-produced orthotics that only support one. Custom orthotics are important if you want to ensure that your body is as well-supported as possible and that your feet are balancing naturally.


In addition to providing better support, custom orthotics are superior in overall quality to regular orthotics and will last for much longer. They will also work significantly better and will provide you with more comfort than over the counter (OTC) orthotics would be able to. That means that while you might be paying a steeper price for the specialized fit, custom orthotics make up for this in longevity and effectivity. If you’re looking for something cost effective and functional – something that will show you real results – then custom orthotics might be for you.


Do I need custom orthotics?


Are you wondering if it’s time to invest in custom orthotics? The answer really depends upon your specific situation. Are you experiencing pain in your feet, your lower back, or your knees? Does this pain persist even after resting or visiting your doctor? If so, then custom orthotics might be a good option for you. Many individuals struggle with chronic pain that seems to have no apparent cause – it isn’t the result of an accident or a fall, in other words, but it stubbornly persists day in and day out. This pain can often be the result of over-pronation. Custom orthotics, as described above, can help balance your foot and alleviate these issues.


Custom orthotics can be an effective option for individuals looking for relief from the pain that over-pronation can cause. The Chiropractic office of Eric Teachout in Fort Myers is proud to offer this option! For more information about our custom orthotics options and how they can help you, contact us today.