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 Impulse IQ

  • The Impulse IQ is an adjusting instrument. It is a low impact technique designed to gently thrust, yet move faster than your muscle’s tendency to tighten and resist the adjustment. With this high-tech computerized instrument, it measures how the spine is moving to provide the right amount of care.
  • The Impulse IQ adjusting system was derived from research, allowing a more comfortable and effective adjustment.   The Impulse IQ instrument uses a microprocessor embedded in the instrument that continuously measures the force being applied to the patient during the adjustment.  The constant monitoring of the adjustment allows the microprocessor to adjust the speed of the thrust to maximize the mobility of the fixed joint, giving you a better outcome and quicker relief.   
  • The Impulse IQ instrument was developed from five years of research, where it was discovered that the amount of motion and the frequency of motion could be measured and then changed in real time allowing for a drastically improved outcome for each adjustment. 
  • The Impulse IQ is able to measure this frequency and provide a thrust at the needed ever changing frequency, providing a very precise more easily tolerated adjustment that ends when the joints maximized motion is achieved. The thrust which corrects the joint fixation is delivered 100x faster then what a manual (by hand) adjustment can be delivered. 
  • When you put the Impulse IQ’s ability to adapt to the needs of the joint along with the speed it is delivered, you get a fantastic machine that provides accurate, effective and comfortable chiropractic adjustments with great results. Come give this new technology a try and feel the difference!


Activator is a spring-loaded hand-held device that was created by Dr. Alan Fuhr as an alternative to manual chiropractic adjustments.  The chiropractor uses this device to manipulate the spine and extremities and it is generally regarded as one of the gentler adjusting techniques.  The force used to make the correction is delivered more quickly than the body can resist, allowing less force to be used to facilitate the adjustment.  Activator methods is a complete system comprised of tests for finding and then fixing the cause of the pain and or loss of function in the spine and extremities.  This technique is reported to be the second most widely utilized technique next to diversified.

Thompson technique

This technique was developed by Dr. Clay Thompson in 1955, using his knowledge as an engineer. He developed a table that uses dropping sections that correspond with the spinal segment to be adjusted.  A gentle thrust is applied to the joint that sets the drop piece into motion which helps target the specific joint or tissue. Leg length testing is also used with this technique which helps the doctor find the area of misalignment and fixation. This technique provides a more gentle manual technique for a more comfortable adjustment. All adjustments Performed with Thompson technique are manual adjustments and require a certain level of pressure and force be used in order to be successful. 

Diversified technique

Diversified technique is a manual technique that utilizes high velocity, low amplitude thrusts to realign joints. This technique is the classic technique developed by D.D. Palmer, DC and still taught in all chiropractic colleges. Diversified technique thrusts are delivered by hand and often result in a cavitation (pop) in the joint when the adjustment is delivered. 

Nimmo trigger point therapy: (receptor-tonus)

Receptor-Tonus is a chiropractic soft tissue trigger / therapy technique. Receptor-tonus, also known as Nimmo after its creator Dr. Raymond Nimmo, is an excellent supplement to chiropractic or a stand alone therapy. In nimmo therapy the practitioner works with trigger points to relax muscles and restore motion and tone to the muscle and joint.