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Location: Cape Coral

If you are in need of chiropractic care then look no further than Teachout Chiropractic and Wellness! I have suffered lower back pain for about 10 years and recently I have developed some pretty significant neck pain. I went to visit Dr. Teachout to see if he could help me. Not only is he very professional and knowledgable, he actually truly cares about making you better! He explains everything so that you can understand how and why a certain treatment plan is going to work. He also has great tips and tricks for your continued care and improvement between visits as well. I am already seeing a huge improvement in my range of motion and I am so thankful! Amy and the rest of the front office staff are absolutely fantastic. So pleasant on the phone and making an appointment is quick and easy! Definitely give them a call...you won't be sorry!

Rhonda Ashley

Location: VA

Great experience!! While vacationing on Sanibel Island I hurt my back during our travels and could barely walk. Dr. Teachout was amazing and worked his magic to get me up and running in just a few days. I see my chiro in Virginia monthly and they treated me as though I had been a patient for years. Highly recommended. I hope to soon be a Florida resident and will definitely be visiting them for all my chiropractic needs. Thanks again for taking good care of me in my time of need!!!!

Laura Prete - Online Submission

Location: Fort Myers

This is a great chiropractic center and Dr. Eric Teachout has the knowledge and grace so that you can get a very good adjustment. The location and business hours are convenient. After a few adjustments, I was back in alignment again and feeling better. I am on a maintenance plan now and happily look forward to every visit.

Candy Darcy - Online Submission

Location: Ft Myers

I started seeing Dr Teachout about a month ago for foot and low back pain. It has been an amazing experience. I am now almost totally pain free. I would recommend him to anyone experiencing pain.

The office is very pleasant, with personable and friendly support staff.

Janice Greenwood

Location: W Bloomfield, MI

Vacationing in Fort Myers and we were fortunate to find this wonderful office. My husband is recovering from a stroke and was having back issues. I needed help with aches and pains also.
From the moment we met Destiny and Amy at the front desk we were impressed by their kindness and sincere welcome.
Dr Teachout is thorough in explaining your condition and the treatment required. Most importantly he takes time and doesn't rush.
My husband and I are feeling much better and plan on returning next year when come back to Fort Myers.
We feel we have made a friend for life!

Carol Jaques

Location: Fort Myers Beach, FL

I have been suffering with what was supposed to be sciatic nerve damage for over 3 years. After two visits with Dr Brian I could walk, sit and stand with no pain however was very skeptical and afraid to think my problem was solved. I have been going (my choice) every two weeks just to be sure all is well and so far it is. I tell everyone they are Miracle workers at this clinic. They have the strangest way of treating you without spinal manipulation but it works.I would recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from back pain.

Peggy Merkl

Location: Fort Myers, FL

I have been very impressed with the care i have received. I feel so much better and walk much better than I have in a long time.
Thank you so much! I have recommended you to many friends

Shelley Wilson

Location: Fort Myers, FL

I've never felt better! I became a patient of Dr Teachout's last fall, suffering from excruciating pain due to ribs being out of place. Within only a few sessions, the pain was greatly diminished! At each appointment, Dr Teachout takes the time to talk, discuss any problems/pain I am experiencing. I feel he takes an interest in his patient's physical wellbeing - more so than just giving an adjustment and sending patients out the door! I won't go any place else!


Location: Fort Myers, FL

Dr. Teachout and his team have really changed my life. I’ve been living with back and hip pain for the last 7 years. I have seen numerous chiropractors, but none have been able to help and fix the issue. When I came to Dr. Teachouts office, I was losing hope that I would ever live pain free. He and his staff really listened to my needs and worked with my schedule to get me back into shape. After just a few visits I was feeling drastically better, and now able to live pain free. I would recommend this chiropractic office to anyone who is looking for someone who knows, and loves what they do.

Cathy Robinson

Location: Punta Gorda

Dr. Eric Teachout took care of my families' aches and pains, neck out, strains or work related back injuries. My husband always goes a bit too far getting things done. When he couldn't get out of a chair, well it was time for the reluctant guy to call. Now he is a firm believer in Dr. Eric's methods and cheerful tender understanding. Dr Eric was my road to improvement. He is a very positive, cheerful, kind person. Nothing is too small for him to have time for. The big stuff he fixes right away so you can get back to your lifestyle pain free. No drugs needed. Doesn't "crack your back" like the crazy image you might have. He uses the Palmer Methods. You will walk on air when you leave and feel taller. Big smile on your face. he explains things to you so you can avoid habits you might be doing that get you all messed up in the first place.

Devin Winton

Location: Tampa, FL / Battle Creek. MI

Dr. Teachout provides more than just a chiropractic adjustment when he treats me; he helps me understand how chiropractic care is just one part of a healthy lifestyle, and he truly cares about me as a person. I know he will do the same for you.

Rev. James Codde

Location: Marshall, MI

I have known Dr. Eric and Amy Teachout for over 19 years now. The day we moved my family from Lakeland, Florida I met Dr. Teachout. I was in need of immediate chiropractic care due to loading and unloading the moving truck. I was referred that day to Dr. Teachout, and became his patient until his recent relocation to Florida. Dr. Teachout was extremely knowledgeable and I made Dr. Teachout my Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Teachout's gentle approach in adjusting and realigning my spine was amazing. From that day when I first met Dr. Eric and Amy Teachout, I became a happy patient and received excellent care each and every appointment.