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The Holidays, Stress & How Chiropractic Care can help

The holidays are here!  That means homes filled with family and friends, lots of food, laughter, and stress!  Stress during the holidays can come on for different reasons, maybe you have family coming to spend the holiday at your house.  You may or may not get along well with the family that are coming, this could cause stress. Stress can produce tension, which in turn could cause a misalignment of the spine.  When we get "stressed" the tight muscles can pull on the spinal...

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Reduction of Narcotics by Using Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

There are a few serious health issues that face those living in the United States in today’s society. One of the most pressing is that of chronic pain. Chronic pain is, as the name suggests, pain that never really goes away. A study released in 2015 by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) states that almost 50 million adults in the United States are living with chronic pain. And while the source of the pain might be...

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Diabetes and Weight Loss using a Ketogenic Diet

Health issues are so prevalent in today’s society, and it’s no real surprise that the number is steadily rising. After all, we eat things today that didn’t even exist 50 years ago, and our bodies aren’t built to easily withstand so much processed food. With that in mind, of course the end result of this radical change in diet has been the widespread development of things like obesity and all of the complications that it brings along. Diabetes is perhaps one of the most...

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Reducing Fall Risk in Seniors with StrongPostureâ„¢ Exercise

According to the National Counsil on Aging, falls are a leading cause, if not the leading cause, of non-fatal and fatal injuries in American seniors. This is not a surprise once you take the time to consider some statistics. As many as one in every four Americans who are 65 years or older fall every year. That statistic translates to a startlingly high injury and death count, with an older adult dying as the result of a fall every 19 minutes and an older adult being brought to an...

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