Improve Your Posture with StrongPosture

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Posture exercises help to strengthen your posture and balance, and can reduce the risk of recurrent flare ups, help to prevent injuries, and help to keep your body moving well. Poor posture stresses muscles and joints, which cause pain and health issues. Posture is how you balance your body, though you may feel that you are standing or sitting straight, looking in a mirror will show you are not. This is due to our bodies adapting to stresses and change, in turn causing pain. When you are in pain, say from an accident, your body will try to move to avoid the pain, after a period of time your body adapts to that, creating bad posture. Studies show that over time bad posture, in all ages, often contributes to digestive, respiratory and cardiopulmonary problems. Posture isn’t just about your health though, it affects your performance and appearance. To perform at your best, and to avoid injury, you need good posture. This is also how the world sees you. Those with a good strong posture are seen as confident, slimmer, often younger, and more appealing. Along with balance, performance, and appearance, posture can also affect aging, attitude, arthritis, back and neck pain, breathing, carpal tunnel syndrome, falls, headaches, sciatica, scoliosis, shoulder pain, and sports performance.