Reducing Fall Risk in Seniors with StrongPosture Exercise

According to the National Counsil on Aging, falls are a leading cause, if not the leading cause, of non-fatal and fatal injuries in American seniors. This is not a surprise once you take the time to consider some statistics. As many as one in every four Americans who are 65 years or older fall every year. That statistic translates to a startlingly high injury and death count, with an older adult dying as the result of a fall every 19 minutes and an older adult being brought to an emergency room as the result of a fall every 11 seconds!


While the numbers are grim, they don’t have to be inevitable. There are things you can do to help yourself or your loved one improve their chances of avoiding serious falls like the ones described above that can lead to serious injury or even death. Although many individuals believe that falling is just a part of the aging process, that doesn’t have to be the case. Some falls are linked to specific health issues that can be addressed in order to better balance and help avoid injury.


Let’s take a look at why seniors fall and then talk about how StrongPosture™ exercises can help.


Why do seniors fall?


Elderly adults are more prone to falling that individuals in other age brackets. This is a serious issue because they are also more prone to sustaining serious injuries in a fall like head trauma or a broken hip. But why exactly are seniors more likely to fall than other individuals, and is there anything we can do to help minimize that risk?


There are a few different factors that impact seniors’ fall risk. The first is a decline in overall physical fitness. As we age, we tend to become less physically active, some more than others.  This can, in turn, lead to issues like reduced muscle strength, loss of coordination and balance, decreased bone mass and reduced flexibility. Even on their own, these issues would be serious and could increase fall risk. Together, they create a situation where falling is all but inevitable.


Aside from a decline in physical fitness and all of the resulting health issues, impaired vision, chronic diseases, and medication are also factors that can impact health. These are not quite as preventable as the aforementioned issues, however, nor are they necessarily the most likely cause of the increase in fall risk. According to a study released in 2013 entitled “A Best Practice Fall Prevention Exercise Program to Improve Balance, Strength / Power, and Psychosocial Health in Older Adults: Study Protocol For a Randomized Controlled Trial”, age-related deficits in balance and strength are the most prominent cause of an increased fall risk in older adults.


If the main factors that contribute to the increased risk of falling experienced by older adults is a loss of balance and strength, then doesn’t it make sense to focus on these specific issues in order to help reduce the risks?


Posture, Falling, and Balance

The relationship between the three might not seem immediately apparent, but posture has a big impact on balance. Poor posture can lead to your center of gravity shifting, for example, which can then throw your balance off to a significant degree. And if your balance is shifted, it becomes far easier to fall than it was before. Luckily enough, there are steps you can take that will help decrease your risks of falling. 


StrongPosture™ is a method of exercise that works to help improve balance, strength, and posture. It was developed by Dr. Steven Weiniger, an internationally renowned clinician and posture expert who has trained innumerable therapists, trainers, and doctors in order to better help individuals suffering from poor posture, balance, and an increased fall risk. He even served as a delegate at the Conference on Aging held by the President of the United States.


Dr. Weiniger’s StrongPosture™ exercise regimen was developed with the idea that poor posture inevitably leads to poor balance, and poor balance will inevitably lead to falls. With that in mind, he created a treatment method that serves to correct poor posture while also improving the overall strength and balance of his clients. It also works to increase control, a helpful element when it comes to stopping falls or, at the very least, determining the best options at hand if a fall is imminent.


Who can help me with StrongPosture™?


Not just anyone is able to teach you using the StrongPosture™ name. Only individuals who have completed Dr. Weiniger’s training are able to become licensed to teach this specific method by name. This is actually a very good thing! Isn’t it better to rest assured that the person who is supposed to be helping you improve your balance and decrease your fall risk is actually qualified to do so?


If you’re looking for a qualified individual to help, consider contacting Dr. Eric Teachout for more information about the StrongPosture™ method. Dr. Teachout is certified to teach this method, and has almost 20 years of experience in this field. Whether you are looking for help specifically with the StrongPosture™ method or would also like to look into additional services like chiropractic care, Dr. Teachout has the options that can help make your day a safer, more enjoyable one that sees you significantly less likely to fall and hurt yourself than you might otherwise be.


Whether you decide to opt for this method or not, the bottom line to remember is that you must focus on increasing your balance, power, and control in order to help lower your risk of falling and sustaining serious injury. Exercises that help with these issues might also help increase your flexibility, which can also be helpful at minimizing falls and reducing the damage that you might take from one. When you focus on improving your balance, you might just be surprised at how much safer you feel on a daily basis.