How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Holiday Stress

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Holiday Stress

Back to back holidays here we come! Can you feel the stress and tension in your body? Having a full house with all your family members and friends, planning the dinners and parties, and let’s not get started on the money spent between all the food AND the gifts. The holidays are wonderful, but they can also be stressful. Stress has a big impact on the body and the mind. You will feel mentally and physically exhausted, and some even hold the stress in their muscles causing them to be very tight and stiff. Thankfully, Dr. Eric Teachout is here to help relieve the side effects of stress. The purpose of chiropractic care is to free restricted movement of the spinal structure and to help restore misaligned vertebra which will reduce nerve irritability, tight or stiff muscles, along with the inflammation and pain that are often the following symptoms. So, come see Dr. Teachout and let him help you get through the holidays without all the tension and aches.

How the Body Reacts to Stress

To learn how chiropractic care can help you though the holidays, it is important to first get to know how the body reacts to stress. There are basically three ways in which we perceive stress; the environment we are in, through the body, and through emotions. Environmental stress involves being in an environment that causes us stress. With the holidays, this might be a busy party or gathering. The body perceives stress in the most physically taxing way. You may become sick, lose sleep, or even experience headaches due to feeling stressed. Your body may hold the stress in your muscles causing them to tighten and restrict movement and in extreme cases can even spasm. With emotional stress, you will begin to “feel more” during certain situations. If you are cooking for a large group and you burn the turkey, the pie is undercooked, you forgot your aunts favorite side dish, well, you will feel emotionally stressed which can cause you to break down.

No matter the type of stress you feel, chiropractic care can help. When stress begins, the body’s response is triggered, which includes the sympathetic nervous system. The stimulation of this system will cause the heart to beat faster, and the senses you have to become stronger. When we allow stress to take over, it can lead to health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. So, don’t wait until your symptoms show up or get worse, beat the holiday stress! Come see us at Teachout Chiropractic and Wellness Center and maintain a healthy body so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

How does Chiropractic Care Help Stress?

Let’s start with the muscles. The tension caused by stress makes the muscles tight restricting movement sometimes even causing misalignment. By getting adjusted and having proper alignment this will reduce pain and swelling caused by those tight muscles and with some trigger point therapy Dr. Teachout can even help loosen up those muscles giving even more relief and can help the adjustment to hold longer. A balanced spine will help to manage personal stress, allowing you to feel more relaxed.

Misalignment can interfere with how the nervous system communicates with the body. This can cause you to feel more stressed and overwhelmed, even anxious. Simple tasks become more stressful because of feeling too tight, bending over hurts, turning your head gives you a twinge in your neck. When everyday tasks become difficult or painful stress becomes even worse. With an adjustment, you are relieved from this pain. No more headaches, no more back pain, no more hip pain. When your spine stays adjusted, the immune system is boosted, which helps to promote better sleeping habits as well as getting rid of feelings associated with stress.   The less pain you feel, the less stressed you become, making the holidays a breeze. Make sure to see Dr. Teachout for regular adjustments during the holidays to help you deal with stress better and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Call to schedule your appointments during the holiday season to have a happy spine, happy body, and happy mind!

Happy Holidays!