How Chiropractic Care and a Good Mattress Ties in to a Better Nights Sleep

How Chiropractic Care and a Good Mattress Ties in to a Better Nights Sleep

Over the last few decades we have come to recognize just how important adequate amounts of sleep are and yet a common complaint among American adults is that they have trouble sleeping. The lack of sleep is due to various issues like stress, aches and pains, side effects of medications and excessive worry just to name a few! As a result, society as a whole is getting much less sleep then needed for our bodies to function optimally. Poor sleep habits are leading us to suffer from more instances of illness, excessive fatigue and poor concentration, among many other negative side effects. Chiropractic care may be your missing puzzle piece to help you improve your sleep habits and feel better! Adequate sleep is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your mind, heart, weight and more!

According to the National Institute of Health approximately 40 million Americans report suffering from long-term, chronic sleep disorders. Additionally, an estimated 20 million report occasional sleep problems. Are you suffering from insomnia? A common sign of insomnia is the dreaded inability to fall asleep, lying awake in bed for sometimes hours. Another classic symptom is waking up after a few hours of sleep, in the middle of the night, and not being able to fall back asleep right away.

If the inability to relax and pain is causing you to lose out on shuteye, a visit to the chiropractor may do your body & mind some good. If you suffer from low back pain, general back pain, muscle soreness, neck pain or headaches, getting adjusted regularly may be your solution to being able to relax more and sleep better. A chiropractor can determine and treat certain spinal problems to alleviate discomfort, additionally they can also propose suggestions that can allow you to get more restful sleep. Chiropractic suggestions may include advice on sleeping positions that are best for someone with your specific issue, chiropractic pillows, or giving some insight on a more supportive mattress. Regular adjustments keep the spine in proper alignment which allows for diminished discomfort and adequate blood flow throughout the body. With less pain and discomfort, you may be able to hit the mattress and fall into a state of relaxation much quicker than before and get more of that elusive thing called sleep.

The Mattress You Sleep on Makes a Difference

The mattress you choose to sleep on has an impact on your quality of sleep. Many mattresses contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body and can disrupt sleep. Besides chemicals though, the density and materials used, make a difference on comfort. You’ll want to do your research and look for an ergonomic mattress that offers plenty of support for your spine. A highly quality mattress may help with improved posture, orthopedic support and spinal alignment.

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